Moxxi Pilates Chair
Features and Benefits

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Spin Seat

• Acts as a catalyst firing up your core stabilizing muscles
• Targets core at multiple points of rotation, flexion and extension
• Provides Increased range of motion
• Locks in two positions for greater support of all body types


Spring Based Resistance

• 12 levels of resistance for all fitness levels
• Creates longer-leaner muscles
• Low-load: easy on the joints, helps prevent injury



• Allows for reciprocal movement as in walking or climbing
• Provides unilateral movement
• Corrects muscular imbalances
• Builds core stability


Functional Resistance Bands

• Expands Moxxi fitness repertoire
• Expedites a full-body integrated workout
• Hand and foot straps target arms, shoulders, legs and glutes


Beauty and Hunk Benefits

• Strength without bulk
• Strong, Round Shoulders
• Flat, Sculpted Abs
• Higher, Lifted Seat
• Trimmed Waistline
• Leaner, Toned Arms & Legs
• Impeccable Posture


Functional Benefits

• Core Strength & Stability
• Functional Flexibility
• Balance & Coordination
• Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles
• Strong Back
• Joint Stability
• Enhanced Mobility
• Improved Breathing